March 2011

Belated wishes to all residents for a happy and successful 2011!

If anybody wishes to contribute stories and/or photographs for future newsletters, you can send to Ann Chapman of ABA at (011) 706-9709 (fax) or We’d love to hear from you.

Telkom Infrastructure

We’ve just heard from our Telkom contact that phase 2 will be completed by the end of March.


Residents are reminded that dogs must be on leashes when being walked on the common property. Also, all droppings to be collected and disposed of by the owner. Many estates are having major problems with barking dogs. Some of the owners of these barking dogs say that it’s often caused by the presence of a cat or children who tease the dog. It’s been suggested that you spray citronella oil on the perimeter of your property once a week to keep wandering cats away. And if you’re at home when your dog barks, please investigate what is causing it to bark and then make sure it quietens down. There is nothing more annoying than continuous barking – especially at strange hours. New owners and tenants must be made aware of the rules regarding pets.


Children are to be supervised at all times whilst on the common property. Parents are again cautioned regarding the use of the swimming pool by children, who must be supervised at all times – preferably by an adult who can swim.


A reminder that the speed limit within the complex is 15 kilometres per hour for the short distance that residents have to travel. Within the Estate, the speed limit is 30 kilometers per hour. Children play on these streets and residents are walking and jogging, so caution whilst driving on the Estate would be appreciated.


Owners planning to renovate or make alterations to their units must get written permission from the Trustees. Awnings are included in this section.

Builder’s Warehouse Trade Cards

We recently notified residents that Builder’s Warehouse is offering to supply free trade cards which allow owners to get a 5% discount on all products (except cement and items on promotion). The Estate will benefit with an annual rebate back into the account of 2.5% of the collective purchases of all trade card holders linked to the Estate. For those of you who got in before the deadline, cards should be ready before the end of March. We’ll notify you how and where you’ll be able to collect them. For anybody who didn’t see the notice or just missed the deadline, please email the following details – Estate name, your stand number, your name and ID number – to and we’ll order one for you.


In respect of the DSTV within the complex, on the rare occasion of the loss of reception, residents must exercise patience and not attempt to interfere with the overall system to the complex. First try switching off your DSTV decoder and let it re-tune. Also ask your neighbours if they have reception. If they do, it is not a system fault. Finally, did you pay your subscription?! If in doubt, contact the Managing Agents. Please DO NOT try to sort out the problem yourself by fiddling with the equipment. It is very costly to repair.


Many residents are still unacceptably complacent with regard to general security matters – leaving doors unlocked, windows ajar and not knowing details of their domestic’s guests, who sometimes visit the complex during the day. Should an incident occur or residents suspect a problem, the protocol is to advise the Estate Security Officer on Tel 076-805-8426 or alternatively, the estate Armed Patrol vehicle on 072-282-2841. A bonus of the automated traffic booms is that the Security Guards are freed up to undertake more security patrols.


All residents are reminded that they must take their bags of rubbish to the bin area. Please do not leave them outside your unit or on the common property.

Managing Agents

Should you have any queries in respect of any matter regarding the Association, the Managing Agents (ABA) are contactable at Tel 011-706-9700; Fax 011-706-9709; or email Members are requested to submit any type of formal query or complaint in writing at the time that it occurs, in order that it is on record, as will be the response thereto. Members are requested always to include the prefix PPBC followed by the unit number as reference in all communications and in any payment to the Association. This will ensure correct allocation of the same. Please keep ABA informed of any change to your contact details; as well as those of your tenant/s (if applicable). A reminder that new tenants must receive a copy of the current Conduct Rules, which they should sign and return to the Managing Agents.

Estate Agent Accreditation

If you wish to sell your property, please ensure that the Estate Agent you use is accredited to sell in the Estate. More stringent requirements for estate agent accreditation has been introduced to protect owners. One document which is an essential part of the accreditation process is a signed mandate (whether an open or sole mandate) from the owner. If this is not obtained, the agent will not be permitted to market your property.

April Holidays

With private school holidays coming up in April, plus the Easter weekend which starts on Friday 22nd April, as well as a few other public holidays in this period – Freedom Day on 27th and Workers Day on 1st and 2nd May. It looks as if April will be a slow month so we suggest you simply kick back and enjoy the slower pace!

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