This site is aimed at providing the residence of Portland Place a repository of information relating to events within the complex. It is also a valuable tool for us, the body corporate, to get to know you, the residents, better and receive constructive feedbackand comments. Portland Place prides itself its upmarket appearance and we strive to keep it that way.

We urge all residents to please register with us so we can keep an up to date database of residents details, This information will not be used maliciously but serves merely to help us keep you informed.

General notices, news and event notices will periodically be posted on the site as well as some feedback from the trustees.

Please familiarise yourself with the management rules and rules of conduct, it is vitally important that all residents familiarise themselves with these in order to keep the level of issues to a minimum.

Please give us your feedback and/or suggestions in order that we may improve this service, as we are trying to create a harmoneous community.

Portland Place Body Corporate

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