Green Valley Shopping Centre

We advise that work has commenced to raise a section of the boundary wall between Portland Place and the new Green Valley Shopping Centre.   The section is from Greenstone Drive along the Portland Place boundary with the Delivery area of the Shopping Centre and towards the Portland Place Guard House (this wall is parallel to Stone Ridge Drive).

The wall is being extended in height in an effort to screen off the delivery and waste area of the shopping centre and may also help to some extent with disturbance from generators and extraction fans.

The support piers are being built on the shopping centre side of the wall so as to cause as little disturbance and mess on Portland Place side.  The extended portion of the wall will be face brick on Portland Place side to match existing brick at Portland Place.

The electric fence on this portion of the wall has had to be taken down today until works have been completed. Please expect to see workers on top of the wall and on scaffolds. The Developer has appointed a security guard to patrol the shopping centre of the wall and Portland/Thorn Valley Security will also do extra patrols on Portland Place side.

The area is under full time CCTV surveillance. Entrance to the area for delivery trucks is by remote control by the Shopping centre security and the exit gate from the delivery area onto Greenstone Drive, is to be locked except for when exit is required.

We have discussed the low portion of the boundary wall by the Club House, as well at the ramp and parking area of the shopping centre which looks over Portland.   We await proposals for this area.

In regard to general noise from the extractor fans and generators, the following has been carried out by the Shopping centre, in an attempt to reduce this noise disturbance.

1.     A timer has been installed for the centre generator, this will now only allow the generator to work from 7am to 21:45.

2.     The Checkers generator will  have to work 24h, however the Developer is perusing plans to see if anything further can be done.

3.     Timers have been installed on the fans on top of the Checkers receiving bays and set to switch off at 18:00.  Additional silencers have been installed on the Chinese shop and the Coffee is on order

4.     Woolworths Food have signed a lease for space and the generator for this shop will be built in a special attenuation room.  The air-con plant will face the road side of the centre.

We have advised the Developer that noise levels on the Club house side of Portland are still unacceptable and he has agreed to re-look at this to ascertain what can be done further to alleviate the noise disturbance.

Kind regards

Janet Byrne

Obo Portland Place Body Corporate

A Byrne Associates
P O Box 1515
Gallo Manor

Tel (011) 706-9700
Fax (011) 706-9709

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