Security and access control over the festive season

As we approach the Festive Season, we are required to carry out certain additional security measures in order to minimise any possible threats to the Estate and the well-being of its Residents and their homes.

Should you be leaving your home in the care of house sitter or the like, and you would like them to be connected to the intercom please send us their names and contact details. Upon your return, please send an email request to reinstate YOUR intercom details, listing the names and corresponding contact numbers in primary and secondary format. Should you opt not to include their details on the Intercom System, kindly provide their full details, together with description of their vehicle, so that Security may be aware of the unfamiliar individual, and their authority to access the Estate and your home on your behalf, so as to avoid any inconvenience for such individual. Further, it is crucial that anyone staying on your property within the Estate has the Control Room’s number programmed into their phone so that Security may be contacted immediately should any event arise. Additionally, kindly ensure that Security have your correct contact details so that you may be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Should you be going overseas or you will be out of contact, we strongly suggest sending the information of your appointed emergency contact to be added to the intercom system.  Kindly send these intercom details to  Additionally, we suggest contacting your armed response company to update their records with the relevant contact numbers if need be.

We request that if while you are away, your domestics are not permitted access to the property, you kindly contact the Thorn Valley Estate Security Manager on and advise that the domestic ID card is to be temporarily removed for the period that you are away. Please ensure that the relevant details per each domestic worker are provided in this correspondence. Such detail includes the following:

·         Stand Number

·         Owner’s Name

·         Staff name

·         Dates for the card to be suspended

Should you prefer that Security does not know the exact duration of your absence, simply advise that the card is to be suspended until further notice. Upon your return, when you require that the domestic worker regain access to the Estate, kindly inform Security and the Estate Manager via e-mail. Pease note should you not advise of the card to be placed back into circulation, or fail to notify of any changes in intercom details, we cannot be held responsible for associated inconveniences.

We request that you please make suitable arrangements for your pets while you are on leave. Regrettably, animals left unattended cause much disturbance and distress to the residents whom choose to remain in the Estate during the Holiday Season. We advise that the local authority and the SPCA will be contacted should the situation call for it, and the HOA will not be held responsible to any results arising from such circumstances.

Each year there are also a number of houses whose alarms go off for days and weeks at a time, as you can imagine this is extremely unpleasant for your neighbours. To try and reduce the inconvenience we request you make arrangements for someone to be able to reset or attend to this alarm should it be a family member or a friend. Further, kindly ensure that the entire house is secured prior to your departure, and that all windows and doors are closed, so as to prevent accidental alarm activations by the likes of curtains blowing in the wind.

In terms for general safety in the estate please read through the following:

We wish remind the residents to report all suspicious behaviour/ sounds to security as and when they happen so they may be investigated.

Please remember to lock all doors and windows when leaving your house, and to set all alarms even while on the property.

Please take note of the following important contact numbers:

·         Thorn Valley Security Control Room: 011 022 0305

·         Thorn Valley Armed Reaction Vehicle: 072 282 2841

·         24/7 Head Office: 011 444 2237

·         City of Johannesburg 011 375 5555. This number must be used to report all service delivery issues i.e., Water, Electricity and Pikitup.

We wish all Residents a safe and peaceful Festive Season and prosperous year ahead.

Kind Regards,

Alex Byrne

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