Recycling Collection

Recycling was delayed to Wednesday last week as there was a problem with off-loading the material at the site.

There was also a delay in the delivery of new bags so extra bags were not dropped off when your recycling was collected.

The new bags have now been received and are smokey grey in colour and are slightly  stronger.   Please collect your bag from the Portland guard house.

We advise that there has been a disappointing response from Portland residents in regards to the recycling initiative and we urge you to recycle.   On average, Pinnacle Solutions are depositing 1 300 Kgs of recyclable products a month from Thornvalley and Pebble Creek Estates.

With landfill sites quickly filling up, please participate and help save our environment and the planet!

Thank you to those already recycling and we look forward to having increased collections in the weeks ahead.


Many thanks

Kind regards

Janet Byrne

Obo Portland Place Body Corporate

011 706 9700

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